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Photo Album

When you have spent a considerable amount of budget on a wedding photography, it is highly recommended to invest on your wedding album. Tryambaka Photography offers a luxury wedding album service just from a simple four step process.

Step 1

Customers can select the photos that needs to go into the album and can choose the size and number of pages required for the album.

Step 2

Each customer selected photos will be edited individually to high quality and the album is designed using a special software.

Step 3

The PDF version of of the sample album will be sent to the customer for review.

Step 4

Once the customers are happy the album will be printed and delivered to their preferred address in UK.

Album Size & Price

You can choose from the below list of album sizes, finish and orientation.

All albums have a default of 26 pages. Additional pages can be added for an addition cost per page. 

Below is the list of attributes of the wedding album of any size

 - Gloss/Matte finish

 - 26 pages

 - Portrait/Landscape orientation

 - Standard/Layflat page

Size 1 : 10" x 8"

- Price £350

Size 2 : 12" x 10"

- Price £450

Size 3 : 12" x 12"

- Price £600

All the albums comes with album cover with the name and wedding date engraved on the cover page  and also with a carry bag for no additional cost. 

A sample image of the album is show below. The sample album size is 10" x 8", 26 pages, glossy finish.

Other designs and colours are available upon request. If you wish to make a custom album design please contact us with a sample image.

*Image is only a representation. The actual album size and colour may vary

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